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Al Hattendorf Associates, Inc.
2465 Centreville Road, # J17-725 Herndon, VA 20171
Phone: 703-904-0800

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Our representatives cover the following States:

Washington, DC
Mary Ann Borsetti

Mindy Kay

Mindy Kay
Entire State excluding DC Suburbs

Mary Ann Borsetti
Maryland Suburbs Inside Beltway

Eastern Pennsylvania
Kathy Pierce

Western Pennsylvania
Pam Miller

Southern Virginia
Stu White

Northern Virginia
Mary Ann Borsetti

For over 30 years, Al Hattendorf Associates has represented manufacturers to the retailer featuring the finest greeting cards,
stationery, games, puzzles, toys, children's gifts, invitations, Christmas cards, gift wrap, picture frames, gifts and accessories.
Our Territory includes the States of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.